You are here presumably because you would like to hire the best GraniteMarble and Quartz installer and fabricator in the whole of PA area. Granite Countertops Philadelphia

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About 25 years ago, United Granite Countertops opened its doors to serve the local community with beautiful, finely-crafted and long-lasting vanities, countertops, fireplaces and flooring. Today, we are still going strong, having helped thousands of clients design and construct residential and commercial projects.

Our over two decades of excellence as this region’s most experienced fabricator and installer has been tremendously boosted, not by our stellar services only, but also our suppliers. From starting humbly to where we are, Granite United is happy to have established a rock-solid rapport with quarries and stone fabrication equipment manufacturers.

No single project is ever complete without the handy helping hand of our management team. Their passion for excellence in whatever project we are called upon, right from creating a plan of action to seeing the whole project be a success is unmatched. They have continuously helped bring in the latest technological advances to ease installation and fabrication of granite.

The Reliable and Efficient Installer and Fabricator of Granite Countertops

Our strategic location makes us perhaps the most reliable and efficient installer and fabricator of granite countertops in the region. We command a significant presence in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, thanks to our uber-short lead time. This competitive edge has greatly helped in our production lines where we are privileged to have a full spectrum of colors in:

Top-Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to our passionate management team and easy access to the finest and the purest minerals, the high level of customer satisfaction in Granite United has never gone down. And this is evidenced by the Total Quality Management – a philosophy we uphold to ensure that no product leaves without meeting our highest standards of quality.

Need a lavish, modern and durable countertop in your kitchen?

So, as you choose Granite United to be your best Granite, Marble and Quartz installer and fabricator, rest assured your project will be handled with the professionalism it deserves. You will get the best value for your investment; you will even recommend us to those envious friends and relatives.

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