Granite is a rare rock consisting of mica, graphite, quartz and many other minerals. Because of its durability, attractiveness, adaptability, and consistency, it is used in a wide range of residential and commercial applications. This rock is idyllic for walls, countertops, and tile is also the best in exterior applications as it is ideal for wall cladding and pavers.

With its glamorous colors, granite is extracted worldwide from countries such as Finland, North America, and China, India, southern Africa, and Brazil. It has led to new quarries opened each year to further enhancing color selections and keeping prices in control.

A Granite countertop is effectively water resistant, immune to abrasions, extreme temperature, and stains. Cabinetmakers, architects, contractors and kitchen designers have preferred it as their nowadays countertop of choice.

Furthermore, the quality characteristics of granite; its patterns, color, and shade are unique thus matches any décor.

Absolutely yes! It is our rule to seal every stone surface we fix, and we recommend the application of a sealer every after six months to guarantee protection against any oils or water that may have sat on the surface part of the stone for any length of an interval.

Being an organic substance and of course just as no two people alike, no two samples of granite will be precisely alike too. The deposit it was extracted from and the composition of minerals all play a part in the formation of granite. At United Granite, once selecting a sample and our customer then handpick the specific block of stone from which we construct their surface.

Of course! It will be the same if you cut the granite down upon in the direction of daily use, regular basis you will never ruin your granite countertop.

It will not chip, ding or crack under apparent use unless you are arranging on replacing your new granite with a chisel and a sledgehammer. Also if it doesn’t break at that time it then it will never will under any situation at home because fabrication process is the most stressful on the stone.

It is not hard. Use common non-abrasive commercial products to wipe it down to keep its finish shining.

Not all. Several different finishes you can buy including honing, and highly polished finish is the most popular.

Drop-in sink is in the top of the cutout while an undermount sink sits beneath the sticker in your granite.

It is also called “grain in the stone,” “movement “is veins that change irregularly in granite because of the massive forces at work on it beneath the surface of the earth during the eons it took to form.

Granite is from Brazil, Egypt, India, Italy, Africa and Spain.

A little bit. Prices are affected by the supply and demand placed upon the quarry.