One of the important aspects that buyers pay attention to when choosing kitchen items is the beauty and appearance of the product. A natural granite countertop boasts a large selection of colors and a unique pattern.

Another plus of granite countertops is its high degree of strength. Such material can serve for many decades, preserving its original natural beauty. It is several times stronger than marble, not afraid of bumps, cuts and other mechanical influences.

If you have a granite countertop, you can safely put hot pots, pans on the surface of the stone, without fear of a spoiled appearance. The material is not susceptible to temperature changes, which makes its use very convenient.

The undoubted advantage of the material is its natural hardness, it is almost not subject to scratches, leaves no traces of the knife. With a granite countertop, you won’t know what scrapes are.

An important advantage of granite countertops can be considered a high density of the material and a small degree of porosity, it is this feature of the structure of the stone that allows almost not to absorb spilled liquids, to avoid the appearance of stains from it and to preserve the beautiful appearance of the surface.

Such advantages very often become a decisive factor for choosing a granite countertop for installing a kitchen. But in addition to their strengths, they also have shortcomings, which we will discuss below.

Cons of granite countertops:

  • The presence of micropores. natural stone worktops, one way or another, absorb moisture, granite is no exception. Therefore, the surface of the subject requires careful care and the use of special water-repellents;
  • High price. Granite refers to elite materials that have a high price tag, however, given the numerous advantages listed above, we can conclude that such an “investment” justifies itself with a guarantee;
  • Heaviness. When installing such a countertop, difficulties may arise, because the material is very heavy. However, do not worry, at United Grranite you can order a team of experienced craftsmen who will easily and at a high professional level complete the installation of granite countertops in the shortest possible time.

Price and the need to carry out care are perhaps two drawbacks that are inherent in all natural materials. However, it is fair to say that in granite these minuses are least expressed. Its price is quite reasonable compared to other stones, and its resistance to liquids is at a high level.


Quartzite is a rock, the basis of which is quartz. The natural color of quartzite is gray, white and reddish, and a combination of several shades in one stone is also possible. Quartzite is a natural stone, consisting of 70-98% of quartz and other minerals, with different colors and textures, which depends on the composition of the stone and its deposits.

Quartzite deposit and properties
Quartzite is mined in different parts of the world, but the largest deposits of this stone are in Russia, the USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Brazil.

Quartzite has a lot of useful properties:

• It is not subject to influence by acids and alkali;
• resistant to mechanical stress;
• heat resistant;
• high density and strength;
• radioactively safe;
• does not absorb moisture and odors;
• service life more than 300 years;
• original unique appearance.

Among the huge number of positive points, a couple of negative ones can be distinguished. Quartzite is a difficult to process stone, and its restoration may not always be possible, it is more likely to need to replace part or all of the canvas.

Yes, and to install solid products from it is impossible (too heavy), the countertop or panel more than 3 meters consists of several plates, although the skill of the installers allows you to create almost invisible seams. And stone delivery should be carried out extremely carefully and accurately.

Application area

With such strength properties, quartzite is used as a building, decoration and decorative material. The original appearance with a large and small stone texture allows you to create a unique interior, and most importantly, this material will last a long and high quality.

Quartzite kitchen countertops look great. The countertop in the kitchen is subjected to various mechanical and chemical influences, and a durable stone is a way to withstand any action, and also fits perfectly into any interior. Such countertops serve for many years, without changing their original appearance.

A quartzite worktop is also suitable for a bathroom table or sink. The combination of stone and water calms and creates a sense of harmony with nature. Natural stone with various specks, conveys the fullness and diversity of the world, pacifies. In addition, he believes that quartzite has magical and healing properties, infects with energy and tenacity.


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