Before comparing two high-quality building materials, it should be reminded to consumers that granite is a mountain volcanic rock of natural origin that arose after solidification of magma.

Natural natural stone has unique natural shades, which can be considered as an advantage and at the same time as a disadvantage. If the countertop is necessary for a large kitchen, it will be very problematic to choose stoves of an identical shade, since it is difficult to find a stone of the same color in large quantities in nature.

Among the shortcomings of granite are limited colors. Natural granite is found in pink, reddish, brown, bluish, black and gray shades, while for quartz there are no restrictions on the choice of color.

Comparison is not in favor of granite also lies in the fact that this material:

  • It has a heterogeneous structure, which also complicates the selection of exactly the same plates, although for some consumers this is not a problem.
  • The porous structure of granite material poses risks of discoloration due to detergents or organic substances; therefore, granite countertops require regular surface treatment with a special protective sealant. To exclude the appearance of stains from products and other effects, processing is carried out at least once every three years.
  • Whatever the quality of installation, it is harder to completely hide the seam when joining two plates.

Nevertheless, for lovers of natural stone, the advantages of granite, which are expressed in strength and durability, are decisive in the choice.


Quartz is produced by pressing crushed quartz with the addition of resin and dyes. The material ready for the manufacture of countertops contains 93% percent natural quartz, while industrial processing gives this material a number of properties that significantly exceed the performance of granite.

Of the characteristic features that attract consumers, it should be noted that quartz stone is an environmentally friendly product, it does not contain substances harmful to health, and is also durable, wear-resistant, not susceptible to high temperatures.

The advantages of quartz make it more popular among lovers of countertops made of artificial stone .

The main advantages of the material are:

Countertop in white quartz 
• Dense non-porous structure – the main advantageous feature, which allows not to fear the penetration of liquids into the stone structure, color changes during operation.

• Quartz is resistant to ultraviolet radiation – the countertop can be installed on either side and not be afraid of sunlight.

• The technology of tinting allows you to create all kinds of colors and shades , thereby expanding the range of design incarnations.

• You can buy a white artificial stone to make a completely white countertop from quartz agglomerate, or combine different shades, which can not be done using completely natural stone.

• When joining two plates, the seam is hardly noticeable , since the material is well subjected to industrial processing, and the edges of the panels have a smooth and even structure.


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