The use of natural granite in the manufacture of kitchen worktops and bar counters is an ideal solution for creating materials with a luxurious appearance and high performance.

For the most part, the stone has universal properties, however, it is worth noting some individual features. For the kitchen, a granite countertop is ideal, because this material cannot be scratched or damaged with a knife during cooking. The unique properties of granite have been known since time immemorial; this stone was used to create the most durable, reliable and stylish products.

In addition, a granite worktop or bar counter, the price of which you will like, has a number of other indisputable advantages:

  • an amazing level of strength (legends have been building legends of natural granite for more than a millennium);
  • sophistication and variety of colors;
  • originality and richness of texture;
  • the minimum degree of care and maintenance (a sufficiently small wet cleaning, so that the stone again began to sparkle with bright initial paints);
  • excellent compatibility with any materials (you can buy granite countertops for any interior – the stone is in perfect harmony with glass and metal, plastic and wood);
  • high level of wear resistance (regardless of the tests that fall on the share of granite countertops, it will retain a great appearance for many years);
  • natural stone does not burn and reacts calmly to temperature changes and excessive humidity;

An important advantage of the material is environmental friendliness and safety, which is important for its use in the feed zone.

Over the years, the company “Granite Group” has been manufacturing products of any difficulty level. The high professionalism of the masters and the competent work of designers allow us to produce unique goods in a short time and at very reasonable prices. A granite countertop or bar counter, made by the company’s specialists, will be an excellent multi-functional decoration of your apartment, house or cottage.

We are ready to offer a huge assortment of natural stone in various shades and textures so that you can choose the perfect material. Granite of the following degrees of processing is always available:

  • heat-treated (a mixture of fire and sand gives a matte texture);
  • polished.


The main differences between marble and granite countertops

Worktops made of natural marble or granite are the most common types of worktops used in design projects. Granite and marble countertops are currently equipped in the bathroom in a set with a dressing table or sink. Granite or marble countertops add to the interior the opportunity to transform the decor of the room beyond recognition. Just countertops made of such materials set the image and character of the entire surroundings. Countertops with their appearance bring into the house the natural beauty of real stone, solidity, depth and style. Nowadays, natural granite and marble are mined in many countries of the world. And the variety of colors of these stones is simply amazing. This allows you to select the color of the stone for the interior of each house, restaurant or office.

We will orient ourselves in the main differences between granite and marble. Marble countertops are not as invariable to an aggressive environment as granite countertops. Therefore, it is more reasonable to install countertops made of quartz or granite in the kitchen. These materials do not show themselves on moisture and acidic environment, do not absorb fat or odors, are excellently processed and polished. Depending on your project, it is possible to make granite or marble countertops in almost every conceived shape. In addition, countertops made of stone are environmentally friendly, not emitting absolutely no harmful substances.

Granite countertops are the perfect solution for the kitchen. Marble countertops are more suitable for the bathroom in their qualities. And the whole reason lies in the capriciousness of marble countertops, that the strength of their surface is somewhat less. The marble kitchen countertop will last more than one decade, but on the granite countertop, traces of hot, stains and scratches will appear much later. Marble has a softer material quality. You can not say about granite, which is considered the strongest natural stone, the perfect material for use in the kitchen.

Care for marble requires careful. To do this, use a clean rag with plain water or a stone care product. Please note that typical stone care products are not suitable, because most of them are alkaline, damaging the polishing of the stone. Countertops made of quartz or granite are not so demanding. It will be enough to wipe the countertops from such materials with clean water and a rag without the use of stone care products. In any case, granite countertops will last a very long time.

Having opted for marble or granite countertops, pay attention to the selection of material, its finish and installation of the resulting product. The material from natural stone is quite heavy and when designing countertops, one must resort to the experience of specialists.


To order a granite or quartzite countertop in Malvern, contact our manager in any way convenient for you: call the company’s hotline or request a callback through our website. Experienced specialists will contact you shortly and help you choose the best option. Also, you can come to our office and “touch” various options for materials yourself.

Also, do not forget to ask our managers about discounts and promotions that reduce the cost of our services by 10 percent.

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