Benefits of granite countertops

Granite countertops are durable and have a noble appearance. Natural stone will add aristocracy to the kitchen interior. Among the advantages of granite surfaces are: resistance to high temperatures; hygroscopicity; easy care; long-term preservation of the original appearance; resistance to ultraviolet, substances with acid content. Natural stone worktops have their drawbacks: limited color choice; heavy weight; absorption of dyes (stains from wine, coffee may remain). Products from granite are recommended to be installed on curbstones with a reinforced structure due to their heavy weight. If the countertop consists of several plates, then the joints are clearly visible. Despite the shortcomings, this item of the kitchen set is durable and with proper care will last more than a dozen years.


Benefits of quartz countertops

Products made from this composite material look perfect, while the quartzite agglomerate is devoid of the disadvantages of natural stone, which gives such advantages:

  1. Resistance to mechanical stress, damage, chips. The polyester resin in the composition of the quartz material provides superiority over granite in terms of elasticity and compression.
  2. Resistance to chemicals. On the surface of white or black quartz stains and stains from juices, coffee or wine will not appear. Artificially created stone is not subject to erosion from detergents and cleaners.
  3. Heat resistance. You can put hot objects on the countertop made of artificial stone without a stand.
  4. Easy to clean. Oil, grease or moisture are not absorbed into quartzite products, since the stone surface has zero porosity. The structure of artificially created quartz for countertops does not have microcracks in which bacteria and mold can accumulate.
  5. On the surface of the stone there are no scratches, scuffs.
  6. Quartzite countertops are suitable for bathrooms, as they do not absorb moisture. Soap will not leave any traces on the surface, since there are no substances in the quartz composite that are destroyed by alkaline solutions.

Environmentally friendly material does not need leaving. The quartz-based artificial stone has a modern design, blending in with the surrounding interior.

The advantages of quartz stone

In the manufacturing process, the manufacturer has achieved such characteristics of the stone:

  • temperature tolerance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • wear resistance, durability;
  • safe eco-friendly material without radiation;
  • solidity and homogeneity of quartz;
  • the stone does not absorb odors, is not hygroscopic;
  • wide choice of shades;
  • ease of care.

Disadvantages of quartz stone

Despite the advantages, the material has several minor disadvantages, these are:

  1. The complexity of the restoration. It can be carried out only in workshop conditions.
  2. Great weight. You will need to calculate the load on the furniture.
  3. Price. But it is justified, since the composite material is durable.


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