Due to its strength and resistance to external influences, granite countertops are used to equip kitchens, outdoor barbecue areas, and bathrooms.

In the kitchens they are installed on dining tables and countertops. Such countertops have a small thickness, but are very durable and unpretentious in operation. They can become the main decoration of the kitchen, especially if you make them from granite in several shades.

Granite is pleasant to the touch and resistant to moisture, so countertops from it are often placed in the bathrooms. It is combined with other materials: products from it are able to complement any interior.

Granite countertops do not deform under the influence of low and high temperatures, do not absorb moisture, do not scratch and do not chip – these characteristics make it possible to use them on the street to equip a barbecue area. A variety of shades of stone allows you to make a product in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The advantages of stone countertops are durability and low abrasion. According to these indicators, granite surpasses marble. The material is not afraid of mechanical stress. Products can be cut on its surface: the knife will not leave potholes, cuts or scratches on it.

Granite countertops withstand the effects of acids and alkalis, high and low temperatures . You can put hot pots on it.

Granite worktops will last for many years. It is abrasion resistant, easy to care for, its surface is not contaminated and does not absorb water.

Nature created natural patterns with unique granite structure and gave it a variety of shades: from light beige to black. You can choose a color that is in harmony with any interior or exterior.

toneproduct can order granite countertops in a round, rectangular, oval, asymmetric shape. We make them seamless.

For the manufacture of large countertops for a spacious kitchen, a barbecue area or a bathroom, several workpieces are used, which are prepared, reinforced and processed, which makes the joints invisible.

Methods for processing granite slabs:

  • Polishing – the product becomes glossy.
  • Glossing – the surface becomes matte, which emphasizes the structure and color of the stone.
  • Heat treatment – roughens the stone.

We make countertops from natural and artificial stone of various configurations: linear, angular, straight, L-shaped, round, U-shaped, with an island – and use high-performance equipment, which reduces the production and installation time of the product.


The production of quartz countertops is becoming relevant and in demand. It is one of the hardest and strongest minerals in nature. Its artificial counterpart has the same properties, but is cheaper.

Worktops for the bathroom and kitchen are made of natural quartz and quartz agglomerate. Natural stone expensive. Artificial quartz is a new composite material that has most of the benefits of natural rock, but is cheaper. It is also moisture resistant, beautiful and not afraid of direct sunlight.

Quartz artificial stone consists of natural quartz, fine granite chips, quartz sand, polyester resin and coloring pigment. Initially, it is a mixture of natural components. Then it is cemented into a single unit with the help of special resins and pressed into plates using a special technology: in nature, granite is formed in a similar way. The material is 90% natural fillers and environmentally friendly.

A quartz countertop is an interior element that is growing in popularity in Moscow. It is in demand due to its many advantages. Among them:

  • unpretentiousness in leaving;
  • heat resistance;
  • strength – it is almost impossible to scratch;
  • lack of pores in which dust and dirt can accumulate;
  • the beauty;
  • stain resistance.

Natural quartz is not without flaws, the main one is the high cost. Therefore, modern research was aimed at finding a method to create an artificial composite material endowed with all the advantages of natural, but inexpensive. As a result, both materials can be described as incredibly resistant to mechanical stress and chemical influences, durable and unpretentious in care.

Like natural, artificial quartz, cracks, potholes, chips and other damage are not afraid. Agglomerate quartz countertops are durable because the material contains natural quartz. Due to the presence in the composition of the polyester resin, the agglomerate has four times more resistance to bending and compression than granite.

A quartz countertop is not susceptible to erosion, which can occur under the influence of household chemicals. And close to zero, the porosity of the product prevents the absorption of liquids and the formation of spots on its surface. Such a piece of furniture can be installed in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

The minus of the quartz countertop is one. It is resistant to mechanical stress and is rarely damaged. But if this happened, it cannot be repaired at home. For this, special equipment is needed, which is available only in a specialized workshop.


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