Granite countertops are many homeowners’ favorite choice today owing to how beautiful these natural stone surfaces are and how they fit in any home. Not only are they charming to see, but a granite countertop is immensely strong and durable. Ideally, a countertop made of granite embody an innate touch of richness and luxury that’s absent in all the other natural stone surfaces.


Artificial stone, quartzite, quartz agglomerate and other names are found at the mention of agglomerate. The disputes of experts regarding the synonym “artificial” have still not subsided, because the agglomerated stone is formed by 95% natural raw materials, 3% polyester resin, 2% color pigments! Characterizing this material, it is necessary to emphasize that it has an undoubted superiority even over natural stone (quartzite has a hardness of 7 points on the Mohs scale, and granite has 6 points).

     Quartz artificial stone is one of the best materials for interior decoration and the manufacture of interior elements –  countertops, bar counters, window sills, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces  and much more. At Dokar, the price of quartzite countertops, is one of the lowest in Russia. In the Dokar company you will find a reliable partner for many years.

Products made of quartz have a number of beneficial advantages:

  1. Anti-shock.Quartz stone (quartzite) is less brittle than acrylic stone and natural stone.Falling on the countertop of kitchen utensils will not cause you any trouble and hassle.
  2. You can cut bread or make a salad without using a cutting board without fear of scratching the surface of the countertop.
  3. Quartz stone, unlike other materials, especially natural ones (granite, marble, travertine) does not have microcracks and micropores – which is an advantage for many years of operation.
  4. You can, having removed the hot dishes from the stove, leave it for a while on the quartz countertop without fear for its appearance.
  5. Quartz agglomerate is a non-porous, uniform material, the structure of which prevents the penetration of dirt and bacteria.
  6. Quartz countertops do not absorb spilled coffee or wine – they can be removed from the surface with traditional detergents.
  7. Quartz stone is absolutely non-radioactive material.
  8. Quartz stone is not affected by acids.
  9. The quartz content in the agglomerate is 95% – 97%, which provides an indicator of 7-8 points on the Mohs scale.(Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials on the planet, second only in hardness to diamond and ruby).
  10. Quartz agglomerate is a non-toxic, antibacterial material, and therefore is widely used in medical institutions, laboratories and public catering.
  11. To clean the working surface of quartz agglomerate from dirt, you can use any household detergent that does not contain chlorine.

You can buy a table-top from us with delivery and installation in Belgorod. Kitchen and bar worktops are delivered to cities.


To order a granite or quartzite countertop in Wyola, contact our manager in any way convenient for you: call the company’s hotline or request a callback through our website. Experienced specialists will contact you shortly and help you choose the best option. Also, you can come to our office and “touch” various options for materials yourself.

Also, do not forget to ask our managers about discounts and promotions that reduce the cost of our services by 10 percent.

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