Granite is an igneous rock by its origin. It consists of the following minerals: quartz, plagioclase, feldspar, biotite. Characteristic of this rock is the presence of a wide palette of colors: black, green, gray, red, yellow, brown and others. The physico-mechanical properties of granite make this stone indispensable in facing construction work, as well as for the manufacture of kitchen worktops.

Granite is a very hard material with high strength, resistance to aggressive environments, as well as abrasion, scratches and damage. In addition, granite is characterized by very low water absorption, comparable to that of modern composite materials.

Granite worktops are also resistant to temperature extremes. An accidentally left hot pan or pan will not leave any traces. Granite countertops treated with specialized protective agents are quite resistant to various types of pollution.

However, it is important to remember that periodic surface treatment should be done at least once a year. Otherwise, stains of household origin may appear on the surface of the countertop.

Externally, the granite countertop looks very solid and elegant, adding luxury to the style of your kitchen. Using the specialized equipment that Novy Kamen has at its disposal, granite can be used to make products of any size and configuration, which can satisfy the most stringent design needs at the stage of kitchen design. One example is the ability to make special grooves that make it convenient to drain water into the sink.

One of the few drawbacks of granite can be the visual impression of “cool of stone”. In this regard, it is best to combine its use with such “warm” materials as wood. This combination will perfectly contrast with any kind of wooden products (kitchen facades and furniture), which in its combination carries elegance and exquisite taste.

It is worth remembering that each granite countertop is the only and not unique element, completely natural and environmentally friendly, which in the era of the ubiquitous “plastic products” is its another indisputable advantage.

How to care for granite countertops

  • Despite the fact that granite is a solid material, it can be scratched. Always use cutting boards and stands for heavy pots and utensils;
  • Any stains and dirt should be removed as soon as possible. Permanently left dirt can cause color damage;
  • For cleaning, it is best to use special products designed for stone care;
  • Granite countertops should be regularly impregnated with the means intended for this, this will improve their visual properties, as well as resistance to pollution;
  • Avoid cleaning products containing all kinds of acids, soda, silicone oils;
  • In the absence of special cleaners, wipe the countertop with warm water or soap and water. It is especially important to thoroughly wipe the countertop so that there are no traces of soap or other liquids on it, otherwise it can later cause stains.




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