Granite worktop – appreciated for its high strength and high density. Granite is almost twice as strong as marble, it has a higher hardness and lower abrasion. It is difficult to leave potholes, cuts and scratches on it, it also has increased resistance to high temperatures, humidity, as well as acid and alkaline environments, while maintaining its beautiful appearance, despite constant intensive use. Due to such resistance to constant and aggressive loads, granite products are widely used even in the open air.

You can install granite not only on dining tables, but also on work surfaces, and its appearance will be a decoration of the kitchen. The granite countertop has a small thickness, but it is very durable. In addition, modern equipment and new technologies make it possible to manufacture a product of any shape and size. Granite is unpretentious in operation, it is easy to clean it without fear of spoiling or damaging it.


Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world. A beautiful translucent semi-precious stone is used not only for jewelry, but also for the manufacture of countertops. Quartz countertops are installed in the interior, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Due to the fact that such quartz products in kind are very high in price, few can buy them.

Therefore, in the expression “quartz countertops” most often mean countertops made of quartz agglomerate. Agglomerate is a stone that consists of 95% natural quartz chips bonded with natural polyester resins under industrial conditions using the latest technology under the influence of high temperature, vacuum and press. Therefore, when describing quartz stone countertops below, we are talking about products made from quartz

Quartz countertops, today it is the most optimal solution for interiors. Countertops made of natural stone, despite their exceptional beauty, have their drawbacks. In this regard, all modern research studies have been aimed at developing a new composite material that would also look beautiful like natural stone, but would be devoid of its shortcomings. As a result, a composite material was developed with a lot of advantages:

  • incredible resistance to mechanical stress – cracks, chips, potholes and other damage. This is due to the presence of natural quartz in the material, which is one of the hardest minerals in nature. And the presence of a polyester resin in it provides the product with a superiority of compressive and bending resistance compared to granite by 4 times;
  • resistance to chemical influences – the appearance of spots and stains that spoil the aesthetics of the surface of the product. Unlike natural stone, the agglomerate does not have in its structure substances that undergo erosion from detergents and cleaners for the kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, no household chemicals adversely affect the surface of the composite material. And almost zero porosity allows not to absorb various liquids, fats, oils, which would have stained on natural stone if they had time to soak into it and dry.
  • Lack of maintenance and upkeep costs. Quartz countertops are very practical and unpretentious in care. In light of the above properties, quartz agglomerate does not require either the search and purchase of specialized cleaners with a neutral, acid-base balance, as is required by natural stone, nor the acquisition and periodic impregnation of protective grease and water-repellent agents. Therefore, such a countertop will always maintain its attractive appearance both in the kitchen and in the bathroom


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