Let’s talk about what you need to know in order to choose the right stone worktop for the kitchen.

Kitchen worktops are made from natural or artificial stone .

If we talk about natural stone, then countertops are most often made of granite and marble, much less often – from soapstone, slate, onyx and some other materials.

An alternative to natural stone for kitchen worktops is artificial stone. Artificial stone is a modern high-tech material, which includes acrylic or polyester resins and fillers. The market includes quartz stone and acrylic stone.

Compare the properties of countertops made of natural and artificial stone for the kitchen

Kitchen worktops must meet a few simple and natural requirements. They should be:

  • strong
  • Do not lose your appearance as a result of our culinary activities
  • hygienic and environmentally friendly
  • easy to use and maintain
  •  and beautiful!

And now, first things first.

Wear resistance
Countertops made of granite, marble, quartz and acrylic stone are resistant to scratches and abrasions. However, if you suddenly “tried hard” and yet damaged the surface, it is much easier and faster to bring an artificial stone countertop to its original form. Artificial stone is completely uniform in structure and pattern throughout the thickness of the plate and is easily polished.

Resistance to stains and pollution.
According to this parameter, the palm belongs to countertops made of artificial stone. The secret is that quartz and acrylic stones are devoid of pores, therefore, dirt does not accumulate on them, there are no stains, including coffee, tea, red wine and even green stuff! With countertops made of natural stone, especially marble, there are more problems. The porous structure of natural stone absorbs moisture and liquids, and, therefore, is painted.

Things are even worse with countertops made of natural stone for the kitchen, if we talk about resistance to acids and other aggressive chemicals. Even from accidentally spilled champagne on the marble countertop formless spots will forever remain. Or it will require expensive repairs.

Artificial stone countertops for the kitchen are highly resistant to aggressive chemicals. Neither bleach nor polish remover will leave a trace on them!

Hygiene and environmental safety The
stone used for kitchen worktops must have certificates confirming its environmental safety and hygienic conclusions about its use in contact with food products. The stone of famous manufacturers, as a rule, has all the necessary certificates of an international standard.

Ceteris paribus, dirt, germs and bacteria do not accumulate on countertops made of artificial stone for the kitchen – they simply do not linger on an absolutely smooth and non-porous surface.

Care of stone countertops for the kitchen
Countertops made of any natural stone require special care and should be periodically treated with special agents that make their surface less susceptible to dirt and moisture absorption. Artificial stone countertops do not need special care. You just need to have a sponge and soapy water on hand – and the surface will always look perfect.

The only caveat: on the countertops made of artificial stone it is not recommended to put red-hot pots and pans removed from the stove. Although quartz and acrylic stone are sufficiently heat-resistant, it is recommended to mount stainless steel supports or rods in the surface of the countertop. These elements will not only protect the surface of the countertop, but also give it a stylish, modern look.

Color and shape of stone countertops for the kitchen
Aesthetics is an important factor that affects the choice of material for the countertop.

In general, natural stone, which is used to make kitchen worktops, cannot boast a wide variety of colors and patterns. Of course, there are exclusive samples, but this significantly affects their cost.

It is always difficult to pick up two pieces of natural stone of the same color, and it is absolutely impossible – with the same pattern. Therefore, a countertop made of several plates will never look monolithic – the plates will differ in pattern, joints and seams will be noticeable.

An artificial stone is an endless variety of colors, shapes and sizes of inclusions. In the palette of quartz and acrylic stones you can find a complete imitation of natural stones and samples created by unbridled human imagination.

Artificial stone slabs have the same pattern and structure throughout the thickness. The joints and seams on the countertops made of quartz stone are almost invisible, but on the countertops made of acrylic stone they simply are not. Moreover, acrylic stone countertops can have curved shapes and offer enormous opportunities for the implementation of original design projects.


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