What are quartz composites (quartzite)? This material is more than 90% consisting of natural raw materials – crystals of natural quartz, quartz sand, crushed granite, mirror battle. As a bonding element, the highest quality polyester resin is used, the mixture is dyed with artificial pigments.

What is the difference between quartzite, marble and granite countertopsBy its physical properties, quartzite resembles granite: it is also resistant to scratching and cold to the touch. The undoubted advantage of quartz countertops is almost zero porosity, in contrast to marble. As a result, they do not leak moisture, are not afraid of bacteria, fungi, pollution and chemically aggressive substances. Non-toxic, easy to care, do not fade. The flexural strength of quartz composites is several times higher than that of weak granite fracture.

What are the advantages of quartz countertopsQuartzite has no pores and therefore has the property of not absorbing various liquids, which protects the quartzite countertop from stains.
Harmless in contact with food; difficult to combustible – it is an ideal material for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
Quartzite countertops are scratch resistant, which allows you to not be afraid for the consequences of accidental contact with a cutting object.
The indisputable advantage of quartz countertops is their thermal stability. The material can withstand short-term exposure to high temperatures (up to 150 C) without changing color and deformation.

What is the difference between quartzite and artificial stone products? Quartzite consists of more than 90% of their natural components, solid minerals give it not only natural beauty, but also strength. Unlike quartzite, artificial stone (acrylate) consists of polymeric materials (acrylic resin), which does not allow it to achieve such natural brightness and brilliance as natural stone. Artificial stone products are more susceptible to scratches and heat.

How to care for quartzite countertopsIn order to clean the surface of quartz stone, it is enough to wipe it with a sponge with detergent.
Dry stains and dirt are removed with a universal cleaner or a sharp flat blade.
Bleaching agents can also be used to remove stubborn stains. To care for products made of quartz agglomerates, alkaline cleaners with a pH of more than 8 are not used.

How thick are quartzite countertops? The thickness of the slab made of quartz stone varies from 10 to 30 mm. Most often, customers prefer 40mm thick worktops. In this case, you can use a quartz plate with a thickness of 20 mm. Thickening up to 40 mm is achieved by gluing strips of quartz along the front of the countertop or around the perimeter. This is ideal for the manufacture of curly ends of the countertops.


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