You can order countertops from granite, marble, and also from pressed granite (quartz) from us.

Granite  is one hundred percent natural material and is perfect for the manufacture of kitchen worktops. No artificial material can match its beauty with granite. Granite is a very dense material and has a low porosity structure, therefore it does not absorb liquids and is easy to clean.

Marble  is suitable for interior decoration of bathrooms – countertops, floor tiles and wall finishes. Often marble is used to make fireplace parts, window sills, etc. If you need a kitchen worktop, then give preference to granite or pressed granite (quartz), as marble is a softer material and has a relatively porous structure.

Compressed granite (quartz)  consists of 93% of natural materials, quartz and granite, and 7% of additives. – glue and coloring. Pressed granite products have almost identical properties to granite, but since pressed granite is still an artificial stone, it always has a uniform color and structure, and the porosity of the material is minimized.


If you are considering quartzite for your kitchen worktops, you are probably wondering how it compares with other available materials, especially other stones. You should definitely take the time to find out everything you can about this great material, but, fortunately, you don’t have to look too much. Here is all you need to know to make an informed decision before buying.

Quartzite against granite and marble

  One of the first things people want to know about quartzite is how it compares with granite. Granite is a natural stone, while quartzite is an artificial quartz stone. Both of them are complex, and both of them are very beautiful, but you need to understand a little deeper whether it suits you better than the other.

  Both stones marble and granite form deep inside the earth from heat and pressure, therefore both stones are solid and durable. Quartzite contains about 93 percent of natural quartz + 5 percent polyester resin and pigment dyes occupy 2 percent.

  On the Mohs scale of hardness, quartzite is actually harder than granite. Outwardly, Quartzite resembles marble. Granite tends to have a darker spotted appearance, while quartzite usually has a more structural and lighter color.

White quartzites look like marble

  For those who love the look of marble, but some special color or countertop shade is needed for design, quartzite can be a great alternative. Many types of quartzite look like marble, the difference is difficult to distinguish among the average man. Quartzite is a little easier to care for compared to a marble surface. But you can’t save on quartzite countertops; a natural stone of an average price policy (not elite types of stone) costs the same and even cheaper than quartzite.

  Unlike marble, quartzite is stronger and therefore it will not wear out or develop and will last about the same. But if the artificial stone is damaged, it will be more difficult to restore it than natural marble or granite. It may be necessary to replace the countertop.

  The purification of quartzite is simple. Soap and warm water will make the surface magnificent. No need for unusual cleaners.

  This universal stone can be used in many places and in different ways, including quartzite countertops. Contact us and we will advise you on the right choice.


To order a granite or quartzite countertop in Willow Grove, contact our manager in any way convenient for you: call the company’s hotline or request a callback through our website. Experienced specialists will contact you shortly and help you choose the best option. Also, you can come to our office and “touch” various options for materials yourself.

Also, do not forget to ask our managers about discounts and promotions that reduce the cost of our services by 10 percent.

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