Silestone Quartz

Silestone Quartz has more than 90 colors. One is definitely for you. The possibilities are almost endless with 3 different surface options as Glossy, Suede, and Volcano. Thanks to its remarkable qualities, Silestone quartz comes in handy when creating countertops, wall siding, floors, sinks, and backsplashes. This natural stone type is unique, both in its properties and versatility. If you were to use it on your kitchen countertop, for instance, its quality and aesthetic appeal will make the whole area look elegant!

Silestone stone isn’t a naturally occurring material. It comprises 90% natural quartz and exhibits extreme levels of hardness and resistance, and has a soft finish which justifies its use in the aforementioned areas. Other than that, this stone type, often referred to as the ‘more sophisticated version of quartz’ comes in more than 60 colors.

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Choose Silestone Countertops PA from its texture

Though Silestone comes in several, different colors and textures, choosing a befitting one isn’t challenging if you visit a showroom with a knowledgeable salesperson. If you are designing one for your home, or perhaps remodeling an existing countertop, you will have to choose from the three main textures – Polished, Suede and Volcano.

  1. Polished – with an intensifying color and a distinctive shine and clarity, glossy texture of a Silestone countertop pa is many people’s favorite. It exudes a beautiful smoothness and brightness.
  2. Suede – the matte texture of suede Silestone countertop boasts of high-quality color consistency, a soft finish, and an almost soft radiance. Ideally, Suede is a blend of perfect aesthetics and practicality.
  3. Volcano – this is the general term of a rugged, rustic looking surface.

Interestingly, Silestone allows a lot of decorative possibilities and can blend with nearly everything you have in your house; beautiful and show-stopping fixtures, wooden cabinets, furniture, etc. Additionally, polished, matte or extra-rugged, all of them will last longer.

If you need a perfect natural stone for a countertop in Pennsylvania, therefore, trust United Granite PA for your Silestone Countertops. Always keep in mind that we have a lot more quartz options than just the silestone.

Popular Types of Silestone for your Silestone Countertops PA


  • African Red Silestone
  • Albedo Silestone
  • White Alpine Silestone
  • Altair Silestone
  • Amarillo Sand Silestone
  • Amarillo Palmira Silestone
  • Antique Silestone
  • Arctic Silestone
  • Bamboo Silestone
  • Arden Blue Silestone
  • Ariel Silestone
  • Bering Silestone
  • Bianco Silestone
  • Black Canyon Silestone
  • Black Nubis Silestone
  • Blanco City Silestone
  • Blanco Orion Silestone
  • Blue Enjoy Silestone

Why Silestone Countertops PA is ideal for your Kitchen

It’s agreeably unquestionable that this natural stone type makes top-quality kitchen countertops. The material is of good quality and can’t break easily. Also, the polished finish is sure to give your counter a sparkling look.

It exhibits high levels of impact resistance and would not succumb to even the most severe of all scratch marks in a typically busy kitchen. With proper maintenance and attention, therefore, a made using this material will withstand the test of time and maintain its grandeur.

Silestone is virtually non-porous and thus ideal for a busy kitchen. If you were to accidentally empty any liquid (coffee, wine, or lemon juice) or spill stain on it, rest assured very little – if any – would be absorbed. This feature is actually remarkable in high liquid traffic areas like at the bathroom.

Looking to create Silestone Countertops PA?

For your kitchen countertops, integrity sinks, kitchen siding, bathroom countertops, bathroom siding and shower trays, use Silestone.

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