Zodiaq Countertops PA

If three words could describe the core qualities of a Zodiaq countertop, then the two would be: Durable, Practical and Carefree. Zodiaq, being a new and exciting surfacing material, can seize the radiance of the crystal of quartz with strength, clarity, and profundity. But beauty aside, a countertop made from this natural surfacing material can withstand the common knife slips and scratches, resist extreme heat and remain polished and glittering for years.

Zodiaq is a new surfacing material, different from the standard types, both regarding its qualities and price. Given the bright and illuminating look and top-dollar quality of every sparkle, a surfacing made using this material is just enough to bring the magical charm to your house. More than that, your surface will forever remain bacteria or fungi-free!

Zodiaq’s Beautiful Color Options

If you are thinking of using it on your structures, maybe Zodiaq Countertop PA, then you’ll have to be spot-on with your choice. More importantly, you may also have to visit a showroom and request a couple of them made according to your specifications.

Let’s check out the various beautiful color options of Zodiaq:


  • Antique light Zodiaq
  • Autumn light Zodiaq
  • Cashmere Zodiaq
  • Chip snow flurry Zodiaq
  • Coarse Marfil Zodiaq
  • Concrete Carrara Zodiaq
  • Custard Zodiaq
  • Dove grey Zodiaq
  • Evergreen Zodiaq
  • Graphite Zodiaq
  • Gravel Zodiaq
  • Imperial Zodiaq
  • Indigo Zodiaq
  • Marble mist Zodiaq
  • London Zodiaq
  • Mocha latte Zodiaq
  • Mossy Oak Zodiaq


Features of Zodiaq

It’s important to mention the fact that this material comes with over 30 color variations. It’s an ample list, fit for an ardent lover of beautiful Zodiaq countertops PA.

The 93% natural Quartz crystals make it an incredibly hard and non-porous material. In fact, it’s worth noting that if you actually decide to create a Zodiaq Countertop PA, then the whole structure will even withstand heat and pressure.

Also, this material is easy to maintain since it features a soft finish. As hard as this material is, your Zodiaq Countertop PA will never develop scratches and cracks, even in its everyday use, nor lose its glow.

Talking about the glow of a Zodiaq countertop, the pleasant atmosphere that becomes because of this is hard to replicate. Thanks to the consistency of the color and the neat, uniform look, your kitchen, sink or bathroom will not lose its attractiveness.

Another impressive feature worth mentioning is the fact that no bacteria would grow on it, even when you rarely use it. It’s perfectly even with no pores and cracks that would have allowed the tiny organisms to grow on.

Choosing Zodiaq Countertops PA is a smart idea

Quartz is a mystical surfacing material, and Zodiaq highlights this. And though it’s still a new choice, the amount of excitement it has garnered is befitting, as evidenced by a DuPont Zodiaq kitchen countertop.

Since it’s made from several glitzy quartz crystals, this material is beautiful and uber-strong enough to resist almost anything. Moreover, you’ll have more than 30 color variations to choose from. The long and short of it, therefore, is – it is a decent choice and will guarantee lasting splendor.

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