Onyx Countertops PA

Ever visited someone’s kitchen and immediately got astonished by the sheer beauty of their magical Onyx Countertop? Well, yes! That’s just how glamorous as Onyx Countertop PA can look like.

Thanks to how deluxe they often are, onyx is famously used on to construct spiritual countertops. In fact, it’s primarily because of the common belief that onyx superficially can wade off evil spirits and pretty much like it helps relieve stress.

Need to have a glimpse of a wide variety of Onyx countertops in Pennsylvania?

You can get to view a rich list of Onyx countertops in our showrooms. Before then, however, it’s important to let you know that Onyx is an older, more advanced version of Marble. It’s actually just as rich and unique, but owing to its other excellent features, an Onyx can cost a lot.

Onyx is typically collected near limestone caves as it’s formed after water dissolves and redeposits small piece of limestone. The original pieces of limestone crystallize as redeposited materials and then fuse together to create large and almost translucent onyx stones.  Onyx is a vibrant and precious stone, and thus the reason why this stone tends to cost a lot more than conventional types.

Types of Onyx – What You Can Choose for your Onyx Countertops PA

There are at least six different types, all of them having distinct colors and their unique hardness qualities. Harder ones have a distinctively glossy look, unlike the soft ones that demand a matte finish. The most common ones include:

  • Fantasy Onyx
  • Green Onyx
  • Honey Onyx
  • Rose Onyx
  • Tanzania Onyx
  • White Onyx

Facts on Onyx Countertops PA

Onyx countertops ooze glamor and luxury and are indeed a deluxe choice. But that’s aside from how much amount of upkeep and maintenance they require. First, you can only use onyx on low-volume areas around the fireplace and bathroom vanities. It’s nowadays also used on walls around the sink too. Marble would be another alternative for these areas but marble does not have the translucent look like onyx.

Historically though, it was common to use onyx on novelty and precious items in noble houses. They were expensive, much like they are today, and nobody had discovered how they could be used to make countertops.

Today, much as it’s an ideal choice for a countertop, Onyx stone does well in well-lit areas. Its translucent feature is enough to highlight its majestic status, especially when it reflects light. The contrasting colors make the whole area look stunningly dramatic with an aura of a visual masterpiece.

What to Know before you choose Onyx Countertops in Pennsylvania

Onyx countertops are embodiments of expensive lifestyle mainly because they are costly to purchase, lay and maintain. So, if your status isn’t that of an ordinary person and you’d like to invariably wow your peers when they pay your home a visit, choose Onyx for your countertops.

Onyx demands lots of caution since even a little scratch can damage its great look. You must accord it regular maintenance lest its grandeur is lost forever.

Need Onyx Countertop in PA?

Choosing a befitting stone surface for your countertop isn’t easy. It relies upon a couple of factors, including the price and durability. If you love onyx and think you are up to it, talk to an expert Onyx Countertop installer PA. More importantly, make an actual visit to a showroom where you’ll make an informed decision. Check out our reviews to see how happy our previous customers were.