Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops serve for decades while maintaining their aesthetics and appeal. Quartz stone takes any kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop to the next level for a more elegant environment. Quartz is one of the hardest materials for countertops.

One of the most attractive features of quartz countertops is that they are available in many colors: solid bright or black, with a unique marble, granite or other natural stone pattern. A large color palette is available due to the use of various dyes in the manufacture of countertops, which allows you to create any shade that you need and repeat the pattern of natural stone.


Quartz Countertops What You Need to Know?

Quartz countertops are not inferior or even superior to natural stone, because quartz artificial stone (quartz agglomerate) is a combination of natural quartz material, high-quality polyester resin and coloring pigments. Moreover, depending on the manufacturer, the share of natural quartz, the third most durable material, is 93-95%, the remaining 7-5% are resins and pigments.

During the production process, quartz is crushed into small particles and then mixed with polyester resin to firmly bond the particles and pigment dyes to give the countertop the desired color. Small glass particles or metal flakes can also be added to obtain a unique appearance. The result is an aesthetic, extremely durable board that is resistant to physical, chemical and temperature influences.

In addition to the shiny surface of the countertop, options are available that imitate a matte limestone or corrugated surface of untreated stone. This composite material has a wide variety of decor, unlike natural stone. With such a rich variety of colors, it is very easy to choose the exact decor for your kitchen countertop, bar counter or bathroom.

Pros and cons of quartz countertops

There are many reasons that will convince you to buy a quartz countertop. But like every material, it has its pros and cons that you need to know about.

Pros of countertops:

  • Unique color, pattern and texture options make it easy to choose exactly the option that suits your kitchen and will harmoniously fit into your interior.
  • Extremely durable. Thanks to the production technology, quartzite becomes stronger than most natural stones.
  • Quartzite countertops does not need additional processing after installation. Natural stone must be sealed before use.
  • The quartz countertops is non-porous, resistant to food coloring and bacteria do not grow on its surface.
  • The quartz countertops is easy to maintain with a damp cloth and regular detergent.
  • The quartz countertops has a hard, scratch-resistant surface. On such a tabletop, you can safely cut food.
  • The quartz countertops is durable. Quartz agglomerate manufacturers give a 10-year guarantee for the stone. But with proper use, it will last you much longer.
  • The quartz countertops is environmentally friendly. Quartzite does not have an increased background radiation (unlike granite) and does not emit toxic substances.
  • The quartz countertops is resistant to high temperatures. You can put hot dishes from the stove on such a countertop and not worry about the negative consequences.

Cons of Quartz countertops:

  • With prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, the quartz countertop can fade (the color of the countertop will become less pronounced over time) Therefore, the material is not used for outdoor decoration in those places where direct sunlight will fall on it.


Quartz Countertops for Kitchen

The countertop in the kitchen can withstand loads no less than household appliances – it has to come into contact with hot and cold surfaces, withstand friction, pressure, and be in conditions of high humidity. That is why the choice of a kitchen surface should be approached especially carefully and thoughtfully, especially since countertops in USA, King of Prussia, PA are presented by different manufacturers and in a wide price range.

Basic properties of quartz countertops

If you decide to opt for natural stone, you have made the right decision. The price of a quartz kitchen countertop is much cheaper than its natural counterparts, and the appearance and performance of such a surface are simply unmatched. Both ordinary consumers and professionals have long appreciated the benefits of using quartz agglomerate in the kitchen:

The technology of manufacturing a quartz slab using polymer resins as a bonding link for crumb gives the product unique properties. The surface does not absorb liquid, it is resistant to aggressive substances – acids. The quartz kitchen countertop is highly durable. She is not afraid of blows, scratches and pressure (for example, from household appliances constantly on the surface).
In the manufacturing process, we ensure that the furniture from several blocks looks monolithic – the joints are processed in such a way that they remain practically unnoticed. The quartz worktop in the kitchen is quite hygienic and can come into contact with any food.
The absence of pores in the structure of the composite material makes cleaning easy and quick: there is no need to rub and scrape the surface, it is enough to remove food debris with a damp cloth.
The bottom of a hot pot or food from the freezer will not leave any marks on the countertop.
Our company offers to buy a quartz countertop from the manufacturer, which has all the advantages of this material.


It is enough just to wash it with a damp cloth and any detergent that does not contain chlorine.

Wear resistant

The surface of such a countertop will be resistant to abrasion, mechanical and chemical attack for many years.


The surface of the agglomerate does not have microcracks and pores, bacteria do not accumulate and do not multiply in this artificial stone, mold and fungus do not develop.

Heat resistance

The surfaces are not afraid of exposure to high temperatures. The product will not lose its color or properties with a sharp change in temperature.

Variety of colors

The color range of quartz is extremely rich, such a wide palette of colors and shades allows you to choose the ideal option for any interior design.


Being 100% environmentally friendly material, therefore it can be used in medical institutions, schools and kindergartens.

Quartz stone in room design

In addition to its undoubted functional advantages, quartz agglomerate also has aesthetic properties that will be appreciated by even the most demanding customer. Countertops made from this material have a much wider color palette than natural stones. Thanks to this, you can bring to life almost any idea. Quartz countertops prices will depend on the shape, size, thickness and material chosen.

A composite countertop will be a profitable purchase that will serve you for a very long time and will not lose its relevance, since stone textures will always be in fashion. Even after years, you will be satisfied with the purchased quartz stone countertop for the kitchen, as the gloss will remain shiny and the color will not lose its depth.

Where to order original quartz countertops

In order to avoid buying a fake and be sure of the quality of the material, choose only trusted manufacturers of quartz structures. The processing of slabs should take place exclusively at specialized enterprises, which have all the necessary equipment. That is why you should place an order with professionals, only then will the quartz agglomerate for the kitchen meet all the declared characteristics.

Our company provides an opportunity to buy a kitchen countertop at a low price, while you can be sure of the high quality of the product. In addition, we have a wide assortment on our website – here you can buy quartz products from the manufacturer, such as artificial stone window sills, sinks, countertops for the kitchen and bathroom, which will meet all your wishes.

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