Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite Countertops for Kitchen

Quartzite countertops look stylish in the kitchen, harmoniously complementing the design of the room. Quartzite stone countertops are great in black, white, and a variety of shades and other colors and textures. The quartz agglomerate is based on crushed natural quartzite chips of various sizes and a few percent of resin bonding elements that reliably strengthen the structure. In addition, in the production of the composite, coloring pigments are added to give the desired shade to the stone.

Quartzite Stone Countertops Price

Many people are interested in how much a quartzite countertops costs per running meter. The cost of the product is calculated individually, the price depends on the manufacturer of the stone, the volume of the order, the design choice of the client.

Types of quartzite kitchen countertops

Quartz countertops from the manufacturer can be:

  1. Direct. A seamless surface can be created.
  2. Corner. A large sink is placed, which saves space in the kitchen.
  3. Island. A solid plate looks more impressive.

By combining it with a bar or windowsill, you can:

  • create a single ensemble;
  • increase the space of the kitchen and the number of seats;
  • to expand the plane for cooking.

Benefits of countertops with quartzite sinks

Products made from this composite material look flawless, while the quartzite agglomerate is devoid of the disadvantages of natural stone, which gives the following advantages:

  1. Resistance to mechanical stress, damage, chips. The polyester resin in the quartz material provides superiority over granite in terms of elasticity and compression.
  2. Resistant to chemicals. White or black quartz surfaces will not show streaks and stains from juices, coffee or wine. The artificially created stone is not subject to erosion from detergents and cleaning agents.
  3. Heat resistance. Hot objects can be placed on the artificial stone worktop without a stand.
  4. Ease of care. Oil, grease or moisture is not absorbed into quartzite products, as the stone surface has zero porosity. The structure of artificially created quartzite for countertops does not have microcracks in which bacteria and mold can accumulate.
  5. No scratches or abrasions remain on the surface of the stone.
  6. Quartzite countertops are suitable for bathrooms as they do not absorb moisture. Soap will not leave traces on the surface, since there are no substances in the quartzite composite that are destroyed by alkaline solutions.

Environmentally friendly material does not need maintenance. Artificial stone based on quartzite has a modern design, blending in with the surrounding interior.

Quartzite stone advantages

During the manufacturing process, the manufacturer achieved the following characteristics of the stone:

  • temperature tolerance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • wear resistance, strength;
  • safe environmentally friendly material without radiation;
  • solidity and homogeneity of quartz;
  • the stone does not absorb odors, is not hygroscopic;
  • rich selection of shades;
  • ease of care.

Disadvantages of quartzite stone

Despite the advantages, the material has several small disadvantages, these are:

  1. The complexity of the restoration. Can only be carried out in a shop environment.
  2. Great weight. You will need to calculate the load on the furniture.
  3. Price. But it is justified, since the composite material is durable.

Ordering quartzite countertops

Our company can fulfill any order, regardless of the complexity to choose from:

  • multilevel, with original headsets;
  • with space for equipment
  • buy with unusual edges.

When making quartzite sinks, we order materials from renowned manufacturers of quartzite countertops. When ordering high-quality quartzite countertops from the manufacturer, the client receives:

  1. Innovative technologies.
  2. Use of high quality equipment.
  3. Installation, turnkey installation is inexpensive. The order is made for a specific object that will suit the client exactly.
  4. Low cost and discount.

To order a quartzite countertop, you need:

  • choose the type of quartzite countertop with a sink;
  • choose color, texture, surface thickness;
  • call a specialist for measurement in Moscow to find out how much the work costs.

Our masters will draw up a project, an estimate, and cut the slab. The qualifications and experience of the workshop workers allow us to produce high quality quartzite countertops and sinks on time.

More on quartzite countertops

It is a modern high-tech product with high aesthetic characteristics and performance properties. Such a product with minimal maintenance will serve for many years without losing its original qualities. This is the best solution for decorating a kitchen or bathroom – the surface is moisture-proof and heat-resistant, which is extremely important for rooms with temperature changes and high humidity. Thanks to the use of natural quartzite and special resins, such a surface is completely devoid of the disadvantages of natural stone, such as a tendency to chipping and cracking, burning out in the sun, moisture absorption, poor resistance to chemicals, etc.

The finished products look beautiful and presentable – the rich color palette allows the buyer to choose the texture for granite, marble, ceramics, or even order a model of a non-standard shade.

Material characteristics

The unique characteristics make the material an ideal option for the arrangement of apartments, country houses, offices, premises in the service sector and places of public catering. Such countertops not only have all the advantages of natural stone products, but are also completely devoid of its disadvantages. Buyers, on the other hand, prefer quartzite agglomerate because of its long service life, a variety of shades and patterns, good performance and a pleasant cost.

Does not absorb moisture and coloring liquids

Spilled coffee or red wine will not stain the surface, since its structure is completely monolithic and devoid of micropores.

Exceptional durability

It is one of the toughest materials in nature and guarantees no cracks, scratches or chips.


The material is ideal for a kitchen or bathroom. It is easy to clean, inhibits the development of bacteria and germs, and does not absorb water, odors, grease or cleaning agents.

Flawless appearance

Quartzite is very beautiful and in appearance is in no way inferior to its natural counterpart.

Heat resistance

The coating can withstand up to 280 ° C without marks or other visible damage.

Washing addition

An integrated quartzite sink or kitchen sink perfectly complements quartzite countertops in the same shade, making them more functional.

Product variants

For kitchen. They will allow you to make the work area in the kitchen not only comfortable and functional, but also very attractive.
For the bathroom. Aesthetic hygiene products will harmoniously fit into the interior of any bathroom.
Bar counters. Perfect for both apartments and cafes or bars.
Reception counters. Stylish solution for office space and shopping center decoration.
Individual orders. The material makes it possible to embody even the most specific interior solutions, such as, for example, window sills, into reality.

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